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About L&R

L&R is an illustration project created by myself and my twin, Aoife. As twins we’ve always done everything together and a creative streak (thanks Nan!) meant that included heading to art college together too. We always talked about doing a collaborative project but never could agree on what it could be, so L&R was born. The idea is that each twin gets the same brief, comes up with an answer and you lovely people get to decide the winner! So what are you waiting for? Get voting! We wont take it (too) personally…


The Brief

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the main event, what the press are calling the Troublin’ in Dublin! Fighting for the pride of the first win in the inaugural L&R illustrated prize-fight, bring on our fighters!

In the blue corner, weighing in at a hundred and something something pounds, hailing all the way from...well the same as R really, with a perfect record of zero losses and hoping for a knockout here tonight, the future Heavyweight Champion of L&R, the Artist that’s the Smartest, the Viridian Oblivion, give it up for L!!!

Aaaaaand in the red corner, refusing to disclose her weight but from a similar place as L... with another perfect record of zero losses, the current undefeated Co-Champion by default, its The Beast of the East, The Finer Designer, El Diablo Rojo, give it up for R!!!

Okay, you know the rules, stick to your colours, We want a good clean illustrated fight, no hitting below the belt (unless it’s funny) and no biting, eye-gouging or fish-hooking.

So touch gloves, go to your corners and LETS GET REEEEADDDY TO RUUUUUUMMMBBBLLLEE!

Winner: L with 59% of the vote